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Party time in Pattaya

Time to party in Pattaya

Join in the fun visit Pattaya the party city of Asia you won't be disappointed

Pattaya has a real party feel to it, relax at the beaches or the pool during the day and party all night. Pattaya nightlife is legendary and your sure to have a ball. There is a wide range of night long activities to enjoy, after dark the soi's turn into red-hot nightspots. The hub of Pattaya nightlife is situated in and around Walking Street. No vacation would be complete without walking it's length with hundreds of beer bars, loud music and pretty alluring hostesses. You can start chilling out at the bars from mid-day onwards, live bands, multi-coloured neon lights and sweaty fun are all part of the Pattaya experience. Along side the bars you will find many restaurants, noodle shops and outlets to suit everyone's taste.

History of Pattaya

Entrance to Pattaya Walking Street

The changing face of Pattaya to quote Bob Dylan “the times they are a-changin”.

Pattaya only 50 years ago, was just a small fishing village. All that changed almost overnight, when it became popular with American troops during the Vietnam war. Locals opened up rooms, and constructed make shift bars to cater for the need. Continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate Pattaya has the status of a modern major city resort. Attracting over 4 million visitors a year young and old from all corners of the world. Much of what happens in Pattaya cannot be described as exactly normal, and you need to be a little broad minded. But anyway you cut it Pattaya is sure one hell of a fun place to be. Seeing is believing the Pattaya experience.

International flights and Pattaya hotels

plane in flight to Bangkok

Hundreds of flights to Bangkok - Getting there and Budget Accommodation.

Finding last minute flights to Bangkok just couldn't be easier, as most of the major international airlines fly there, and competing for your business. On this website we offer you some basic tips on obtaining cheap airline tickets. Booking your flight is just a few clicks away using the Dohop flight comparison search engine, along with safe real time availability. Search up to the minute prices and dates that suit you. We also have access to the top Pattaya resorts and hotels, from the very cheap and cheerful which offer incredible value for money, to "I don't care" I can afford it expensive. It's all unlimited choice via our partner sites which can be found throughout this website. Don't just take our word for give it try for yourself you won't be disappointed.

Popular Thailand festivals

Songkran water festival

Celebrate in the Thailand festivals of Songkran and Loy Krathong – the ‘festival of lights”

Of all the festivals, of which there are many the Songkran Festival held during April is the most popular. Sometimes referred to as the Wan Lai Na Klua Festival. This is very much a water festival and be prepared to get very wet for a few days as everyone becomes involved. The idea is to throw as much water as possible over each other, this not only happens in Pattaya but all over Thailand. Another festival is Loy Krathong Day which is celebrated annually and for the romantic inclined. Kratongs, usually made of bread with flowers and a candle light, are set afloat at the beach. Flying lanterns are also released making an amazing sight in the sky. Also numerous beauty contests with Thai girls in traditional dress.

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You're never bored in Pattaya, places to go, people to see, live the Pattaya experience.

  • Man cooking in a restaurant Pattaya

    Mouth watering food of various cuisines can be found all over Pattaya and in the many restaurants on Walking Street.

    Sea food lovers will be spoilt for choice with succulent dishes of swordfish, crab, prawn and lobster on the menu.

    Restaurant Guide

  • Pattaya across the bay

    View over Pattaya Bay one of Asia's largest beach resorts, Pattaya is the second most visited city for tourists after Bangkok itself.

    The bay area runs parallel with the hotel and entertainment venues, running towards Walking Street and beyond to Jomtien.

    Google Map Virtual Tour

  • Pattaya tours

    Tours are available around Pattaya. Explore coral islands, relax in tropical gardens, visit temples and floating markets, go fishing or bungy jumping!

    Make trips to the Thai capital Bangkok or Chaing Mai in the north. The choice is yours!

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