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Nothing much to see here just some boring details about us.

Bangkok Missy group

Our website originated from the idea of two lifelong friends, who first dicovered Pattaya over twenty years ago. This was of course before the advent of the internet age and the numerous travel websites we all know today. However it was not until 2009 that this website was first established, to share the adventure and excitement they found there, with other kinder-spirited people. Times have moved on a great deal since those early wild west days.

Pattaya is no longer the domain for those just in the know, transforming out of all recognition. Now it is a main tourist attraction in itself, being the favourite seaside resort of South East Asia of both foreign and Thai people alike. The ease of information on this once almost unknown part of Asia is almost overwhelming. Our web site has evolved over the years, and throughout everyone involved in this labour of love has remained totally independent and unbiased. This, we believe allows us to select only the best partners offering travel and accommodation to Pattaya.

Pictured above is our lovely Bangkok Missy who as you can see is a real person, a well known travel blogger, active member of numerous forums about Thailand and now currently runs this website. Also featured are two key members who follow out her orders without question, carrying out her wishes in the meanial tasks of looking after this website.

We are not a travel agency, neither taking bookings or selling any form of travel arrangements ourselves. All flights, and hotel booking is made direct with one of our partner sites found on our pages and clicking directly to their web site. We use the dohop flight search engine on our website, which we believe will find you good deals and value flights from the major international airlines and Thailand's own domestic airlines. We have partner with the best online travel agencies and hoteliers available. If you are aware of any omissions on our web site or you happen to know of any specific company, you believe offer exceptional service on air travel to Bangkok or a particular Pattaya hotel we would like to include them by all means contact us and let us know.

Everything found here is entirely free, costing you no more should you be wish to book a flight or hotel. We hope it helps you experience the world of Pattaya for yourself. Not being a travel agency we only make small commissions from Google ads and from some of the companies we are linked with that we believe may be of interest. Quite simply we do not have the long bloated out "mission statement" type nonsense you might well might find on other travel related sites. The team here really don't take themselves that seriously we do however, endeavourer to offer the best choice of deals we can source.

Wanted fun, talented and interesting People

If you have read this far perhaps you might like to contribute to our website. We are always looking for interesting content for our site. Maybe you fancy yourself as a budding photographer and have some really great pictures. Why not share and have some worldwide exposure for your work, send them to us. Sorry we will not pay you, but we will of course give full attribute for your work. One such photographer who has contributed some outstanding pictures of Pattaya is Russ Thorne, we are pleased to feature his excellent work on our gallery page or you are a talented travel blogger, and could write an article on some aspect of Pattaya life.

Supporting us is easy and could help yourself in the bargain, if you have a website that has some relevancy to ours why not link to us we would of course be delighted. If it's good we will link back or even better if your a business in Pattaya why not advertise with us. In most cases we will do this for free, all for the asking just get in touch.

Something we are often asked is why we named the website Pattaya up2u, those that have visited Pattaya before will know why. Ask any lady in Pattaya to decide where to go or what to do, the answer will always be "up to you". Try it and you will see what we mean and has now developed into a sort of catchphrase.

Finally we would like to thank you for visiting our website, and for taking the time out to read about us. We hope that we have been of help and you found our site interesting.

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