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Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm

This is perhaps Pattaya's longest established attraction and is well worth a visit. Beautiful gardens with an abundance of flora and rock gardens with petrified trees which are more than a million years old, and living Bonsai trees hundreds of years in the making. Within the grounds is a crocodile farm containing countless crocodiles and there are seven shows a day with acts such as keepers putting their heads in the jaws of giant crocodiles. This is a great day out for everyone and well worth the admission of 30 baht. Getting there is no problem, best undertaken by baht bus being situated some 9km from Pattaya itself.

Sanctuary of Truth

The temple of The Sanctuary of Truth is situated in North Pattaya this huge quasi-religious structure is made entirely of wood. The wood carvings are very impressive and well worth a visit. Skilled woodcarvers work to this day, making repairs and you can watch them at their daily work. If you fancy you can have an elephant ride around the site, all in all a very nice day out. It is open daily admission is 1000 baht which is a little over priced we believe but what the hell you only live once, admission is half price for a Thai national which in Thailand is normal.

Pattaya Water Park

Not strictly in Pattaya itself the Pattaya Water Park is situated to the north of Jomtien Beach, offering an amusement park, jacuzzi and a gigantic water slides. This venue is ideal for the whole family.

From the vantage point of the impressive revolving restaurant tower 240 metres high, you can enjoy a meal with breathtaking views across Jomtien and Pattaya. For those brave enough you can exit via a jump from the tower, the less brave can take the lift down the 54 floors.

Mini Siam

This attraction is located on Sukhumvit Road ask any songthaew (taxi bus) to take you there, but fix price first. Hundreds of models of famous buildings found throughout the world, Statue of Liberty, Eiffel tower, London bridge to list just a few.

Nong Nuch Tropical Botanical Gardens

Nong Nuch (pronounced 'Nong Noot') for a very nice day out these gardens are well worth a visit, offering a relaxing day away from the normal activities of Pattaya. The gardens are outstandingly laid out maintained and landscaped. Also, it boasts an orchid nursery. The facilities include restaurants, cultural performances, elephant show and even accommodation.

Pattaya Hill

Pattaya hill or Pra Tamnak hill as it is known by the locals boasts outstanding views across Pattaya bay. Nearby is a huge Buddha statue in painted gold at is summit and can be seen from locations throughout Pattaya.

Pattaya Rocket Ball

Something new to Pattaya for thrill seekers is the Rocket Ball situated on Walking Street which operates at night. Experience 5G force as you are catapulted 50 metres into the air in a metal ball and leave your stomach behind.

Chonburi Buffalo Races

This popular event is centered around the water buffalo in the province of Chonburi in the month of October. The water buffalo are dressed in silk and satin then paraded around town to determine which one is the best decorated and healthiest animal. The races of the buffaloes are a spectacular site to behold. These huge beasts can run at amazing speeds for their massive size. There is also a beauty contest for the local young ladies and farm maidens as well. This is a popular event for both locals and tourist to enjoy.


Tiffany's has become one of the most spectacular shows to see around the world. The talented transvestite and transgender community put on a dazzling show with incredible laser lighting and a real surround sound system. This show is a must visit in a first-class theatre

Pattaya floating market

Has a tourist feel about it and not really authentic , but a lot of money has been invested and worth a visit to pick up a gift or two, at the numerous souvenir shops. The floating market is situated just outside Pattaya off Sukhumvit Road. Pass Waterski Park and about 2 kilometres past Under Water World, on the way to Satahip. Although geared up for tourists prices are modest although there is an admission fee with the exception of Thai Nationals. The market opens from 10am until 11pm daily. Boats are available to ferry tourists around the network of canals.

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

This fascinating attraction is located in the Royal Garden Plaza in Central Pattaya. A unique and selection of weird exhibits from all across the world, this attraction is open every day until midnight.

Underwater World

This is the largest ocean aquarium to be found in Asia, located on Sukhumvit Road near Tesco Lotus. Here, you will find a variety of marine life found around the coastline of Thailand. Including different types of sharks and rays that can be seen at close quarters through a 100 metre clear acrylic windowed tunnel. If you fancy the thought of a view of the bottom of the sea, with its ocean life then this is the attraction for you, all without even getting wet.

Pattaya Big Bike Weekend

Maybe not to everyone's taste but an exciting annual event that takes place in Pattaya, is the Burapa Big Bike Festival. Normally it is held at the National Sports Stadium on Soi Chaiyapruek 2. The event is held in February, you can see some really big bikes from all over Thailand and beyond. You don't even need a bike yourself to enjoy the free late night open air concerts and join in the fun.

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Pattaya Marathon

Starting in July there are four different marathons. They have a full marathon, half-marathon, a quarter marathon, and a wheelchair marathon for those that are physically impaired, but still love to compete. It is an international event that attracts thousands from all over the world each year. The event starts early because of the heat at that time of year. Despite the sweltering heat, spectators line the streets to cheer on their fellow competitors.

Water activities in Pattaya

Why not try diving if you have never tried before Pattaya is great for beginners, diving operators offer introductory courses for new divers centred at Lo Lan, Ko Sak and Ko Khrok. Water skiing can be found at the northern and southern parts of Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach offers windsurfing. The beach at Jomtien is regarded as the better beach and the water is clear with a coastline of 6 kilometres.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, is a form of martial art, being a cross between kicking and boxing. It has been involved in the Thai culture for thousands of years. Everyone in Thailand and of course the young men of Pattaya are great followers of Muay Thai. Whenever a bout is held, people congregate to enjoy it. Some bouts are held at the beginning of Walking Street. Muay Thai bouts last for five three-minute rounds with two-minute breaks in between. The fighters, wear a headband and armbands, and perform wai khru dance before the dual. The dance serves as a warm-up exercise before the commencement of the fight.

Pattaya Charity Cross Bay Swim

This is a charity activity organized by Rotary Club of Pattaya and all proceeds goes to the fund for Clean Water for schools. The swim has two starting points, one at Bali Hai Sea Rescue and one at Hard Rock Hotel and both end at Dusit Thani Resort.

Flight of the Gibbon

Looking for something a bit different and a full day of adventure. Here you will fly through the trees attached to guidelines strung through platforms some 20 metres high. This really is a fun day out and recommended. Personal safety is taken very seriously, if you like nature and a little adventure too, then this attraction is for you.

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