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Possibly the most exciting and vibrant city in the world

There's something about Bangkok that never fails to excite. This major, crowded, polluted immense metropolis is many things to lots of people, but no-one calls it boring. King Rama I is credited with founding Bangkok, formally a general by the name of Chao Phraya Chakri. The full name for the city of Bangkok Thailand is " Krung thep mahanakhon bovorn ratanakosin manintharayutthaya mahadilok pop noparatratchathani buriom udomratchanivetma hasathan amornpiman avatarna thit sakkathattiyavismprasit " which is near impossible except for a Thai to pronounce but has thankfully been shortened to " Krung thep", meaning City of Angels.

A cosmopolitan Asian city of more than nine million inhabitants located in the Chao Phraya River delta. Bangkok is a huge city by any standards being one of the largest cities in the world. This vibrant city never sleeps,and is most definitely a 24 hour society renowed for it's nightlife, most have heard of the goings on in the Patpong district. This is Bangkok's well known red light area, you can see young coyote dancers, or just take a drink in any of the lively bars. Check out Bangkok's China town with it's all night markets selling almost anything that you can imagine.

A dazzling nightlife may not be of interest to everybody, for those who like to relax can take in the sights of Bangkok, such as the oldest temple Wat Arun situated on the Chao Phraya river which is a major tourist attraction. Another temple which is famous for its reclining Buddha is "Wat Pho" which also a large numbers of Buddha images. The reclining Buddha is 46 metres long and 15 metres high.

Bangkok's main tourist attraction is the Grand Palace, the palace is located on a bend of " The river of Kings ". Built in the later part of the 1700's when Thailand's capital was known as Siam. Part of the grounds are also home to the "Wat Phra Kaew temple" and the Emerald Buddha which is in fact a Jade statue in gold clothing. The Grand Palace is open to the public, the palace buildings are brightly painted in bright colours and gold. At night from along the Chao Praya river palace buildings are floodlit making for an impressive sight.

You may well think shopping malls are the same the world over, not so, Bangkok boasts modern shopping malls unsurpassed by none. Start at Central World shopping mall, ideal for any gift. You will also find all the well known brands names having a presence. Chatuchak weekend market is the largest open market in Thailand, where vendors sell a mind blowing assortment of clothes, shoes, bags, watches and souvenirs.

The City boasts modern shopping malls unsurpassed by none, perhaps you might think that shopping malls are the same the world over. Then you are in for a supprise. Bangkok has some of the largest shopping malls to be found anywhere. The Central World shopping mall is a perfect place to shop prices are reasonable ideal for holiday gifts. It was damaged in 2010 when an area was set of fire during civil unrest and closed for a few months whilst it was being repaired. You will find all the the well known brand names and almost every top designer has a presence.You don't have to buy of course, but bargains are everywhere. You can shop till you drop or run out of money, which ever comes first.

Local markets abound around khao San translated as "milled rice" refers way back to when this area was a major rice market. Khao San Road is situated near the "river of kings" or Chao Phraya River much has changed over the years and now the road offers small budget hotels restaurants and bars. Bangkok is famous for its canals or "kongs" much work has been carried out to maintain existing canals and Bangkok continues to sink. Most canals have been converted to roads. There are still examples of traditional floating markets notably Damnoen Saduak and Saen Saeb.

Transportation can be in many varied forms throughout the city, metered taxi's being the most convenient. All official taxi drivers display their own personal ID number and picture on dashboard, each taxi has its own personal number for identification. There are several major companies that operate within Bangkok easily identified by their varied colours, yellow and green, blue and bright pink. Major hotels have their own transport and rates are negotiable with the individual hotel. Some offer collection from the airport to hotel and return. If at anytime you aren't near a taxi you can phone 1661 to pick you up. The cost for this service is the meter fee + 20 baht. Taxi's are available from the airport and can be found on Level 1, near entrance no. 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8. Both tourists and locals alike usually round up the fare to the nearest whole note, tipping of taxi drivers in Bangkok is not expected, although some drivers may be a little on the slow side to give small change.

A fun and very quick method of transport is the samlor or tuk-tuk in Thai which is a three wheeled motorbike of sorts but take care to check price beforehand. Public buses are available but inconvenient and slow, also unless with a local Thai of bangkok who is conversant with local routes this is a difficult option to consider. Also recently completed is the mono rail witch runs around the inner city and offers a link direct to airport however reports are that this mode of transport is confusing at the very least missing some stops altogether, the local Thais themselves are confused perhaps in the near future these issues will be resolved. Another mode of transportation is a taxi boat a continuous service running the whole of the pha ya river every ten minutes with many drop off and collection points along the route. The last taxi boat finishes around 21.30, armed with a basic map of the city this is a convenient mode of general transport. Taxi bikes are also available but are only suitable for short distances. To cross the river Clong San Sab there are many bridges but a ferry service operates at many points for only a few baht.

Bangkok City of Angels

Bangkok has recently overtaken the previous leaders London and Paris to become the number one most visited city in the world, This a vibrant city never sleeps, in fact at night the city moves up a gear when the dazzling nightlife starts. No where else can be compared to Bangkok, at night the city is ablaze in neon light. The views from the tallest building in Thailand the Baiyoke tower 2 will be just breathtaking during the day or at night. The tower is also home to The Baiyoke Sky Hotel which is also the third highest hotel in the world.

Finding accommodation is easy too, and ranges from small to luxury hotels all offering high service and great value. Bangkok has something for everyone, whether you are single and fancy free or a couple wanting somewhere different, to get married and spend their honeymoon or having a super vacation. Bangkok is an exotic and romantic setting for both young our old. Bangkok is a great starting point to any family holiday in Thailand, you will have the holiday of a lifetime. One thing is very certain you will never want to leave the city and its colourful and friendly people.

China Town

Bangkok's Chinatown ranks as the biggest and the best in the world. As you would expect the area is home to the vast majority of Chinese located on the riverside of Pra Nakron. The Chinese were first banished to the area centuries ago by the ruling Thais. The area is a strong favourite for tourists with an abundance of chinese restaurants. The area at nights attracts street vendors and is extremely busy and somewhat chaotic and is the old part of the city of Bangkok. As well as the more up market restaurants you will find plenty of simple noodle shops, night bazaars, gold shops and fabulous temples. The hotels here are not overly luxurious but have an abundance of character, and hence it's popularity amongst tourists. For the full list of hotels check out Chinatown Hotels.


This is regarded as the business centre of Bangkok, and home to the large corporate hotels,shopping malls and department stores, along with loads of nightlife, bars and nightclubs. The area has always been a favourite with tourists of all nationalities. Here can be found the infamous Soi Cowboy, named after a black American, who opened one of the first bar's there, his famous trade mark being the stetson cowboy hat he always wore. At night the soi (street) really comes to life. Sukhumvit is about one hour by taxi from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi international airport. It can also be accessed from the airport using the BTS skytrain which takes half the time. For a full list of hotels check out Agoda Sukhumvit Hotels.

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Bangkok Sky Train

The new sky train link run by The State Railway of Thailand has 16 stations and runs from Lamhong to Bang Sue, trains leave the terminal every 5 minutes from 6 am till midnight 7 days a week minimum fare is 15 baht up to 39 baht. This is a great way to see the city and all the sights in air conditioned comfort. Taxi's are available at all stations for on going local journeys.

Bangkok sky train

Highest building in Thailand

Baiyoke Tower 2 incorporate's the Baiyoke Sky Hotel and is the third highest hotel in the world, it also happens to be the highest building in Thailand. Situated in the Pratunam district of Bangkok, this impressive building is a notable landmark in its own right, its overall height is 1,997ft (304 metres) and opened in 1998 having a total of 85 floors. Since its opening it has become a favourite amongst tourists of all nationalities for their stay in the capital, and as would be expected from a hotel of this status, it offers first class accommodation.

Bai Yoke tower II Thailand

A nights stay here starts from around 2000 baht although a better price can be obtained via our hotel network better to make a reservation here rather than direct with the hotel which will save you money on the walk in charge rate.

Travel in style by Sam lor

No trip to Bangkok would be complete without taking a tuk-tuk or 'sam lor' (three-wheeled), this was once a big favourite way of getting around Bangkok by locals.

tuk tuk Bangkok

Now with BTS, MRT and plentiful supply of taxi's, mainly used by tourists around the city centre, but make sure you agree a price. Always be clear where you want to go, rather than their suggestions. Just so you don't get taken for a bigger ride than you expected. Be sure to hang on tight it's the fun way to get around the centre of Bangkok to see the local attractions, "Welcome to the city of angels"