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Flight classes | Booking codes

Booking codes at one time used to be standard throughout the aviation industry. But now are generally unique to a particular airline. Airlines have different "buckets" of seats in three "fare classes."

These are then divided into subclasses. Unfortunately to confuse matters some coding may have a different meaning to other airlines, although basically following the same principle. Economy Y , for example, will have additional lettered tickets. Each subclass generally corresponds to a different fare structure. For example the season, the month, and week. As the days approach to the actual flight date, the number of seats available at each different fare will fluctuate even some will transfer from one bucket to another. Listed below are the best international flight consolidators.


Flights to Bangkok during " peak times " such as Festivals, or Christmas when the airline can easily fill the plane to full capacity you will never obtain a cheap price, the airline will have over booked in any case.

No demand

Applies when the airline has difficulty filling the aircraft for particular dates, these are the flights to try and obtain, however due to the popularity of Bangkok as a tourist destination these are not so easy to find.

Test demand

This is a sale out of the blue, and will be for non peak days of travel, but keeps an interest in the airline. Obviously tickets will be at good prices and the ones to book.

Whenever possible purchase tickets 3-6 months in advance, booking well in advance is generally better and do your research. You can risk last minute bookings, this can sometimes work but is risky and not guaranteed. If you want to try, then buy your ticket 2 weeks prior to your target departure date. Empty seats have a nil value as soon as the plane takes off but extreamly rare, due to Bangkok's popularity as a destination, the reduction in the number of aircraft flights, and the airlines policy in over booking.

Remember it is not really a level playing field as almost all airlines are members of the International Transport Association "IATA" which agree and fix prices, in essance a cartel.

Never except a first offer of a flight unless of course discounted travel is of no concern. Try also to depart and return between Tuesday and Thursday. Weekend flights due to demand will be more expensive. If you have more than one flight to choose from, pick one that departs very early or a very late, overnight flights are at a lower price being the most unpopular.

Keep in mind to obtain bargain cheap flights, book outside the normal tourist season. This also applies for condo rentals, hotels, car hire. The tourist high season in Thailand is from the end of November till April. The main disadvantage however is that off-season is largely the rainy season and also the hottest seasons. The best day to book a flight is on a Tuesday, another day to keep in mind is a Wednesday, this is when airlines release new fares at noon along with seat plans. Searching for flights then will give you the best choices in seating and the cheapest tickets.

Indirect flights are always the cheapest option over direct flights and considerable savings can be made. If a few hours stop over time does not worry you and you like a break then this is a perfect option. To avoid the cost of your flight being increased dramatically at check in keep the weight of your cases to a minimum. Thus avoiding excess weight charges, keep in mind different airlines have weight allowances.

Never consolidate an international and domestic flight. If you are ongoing to another destination within Thailand. Inland flights are cheaper in Thailand than buying them with a travel agency in one's own country. Tickets can be purchased easily within Suvarnabhumi airport. With a little time, planning and research, finding cheap flights to Thailand is possible. If you follow all the tips you should get a flight to Bangkok for well under 500 pounds from the UK.

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    In brief buying your airline tickets

    For the best selection of hundreds of flights to Bangkok, always try to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday picking an overnight flight.

    Flying in the month of October is generally cheaper, select indirect flights with the best stop over times only booking online after you have checked the price with an agent.

    Never accept the first price offered, aim to use smaller sites who are not just fixed to the big boys. Ring around for prices rather than book on line sometimes this can be advantages. Don't leave your booking to last minute, book in advance. Don't bother with offers of airline miles just aim to get the lowest discount.

    When searching online keep clearing out the cashe on computer. Quote flight numbers your interested in to other agents.

    Free Tools in Selection of Bucket seats

    • Flight Stats Fare Bucket Tool Enables you to search for fare bucket availability on most airlines.

    • Seat Counter Check each fare bucket availability on all airlines worldwide.

    • SeatGuru Review of which seat to select on many airlines.

    • Kayak Explore Map Maps with lowest fares from various departure cities.

    • Google Flights Enter your home airport and get a map of lowest fares to major cities.

    • Fare Compare Listing of best current and historical fares from your departure airport.

    • Farecast Prediction of future price ticket changes.

      When looking for the best flight deal, everyone seems to have their particular favorite method. Some use a local travel agent others use the internet. We have carried out our own independent research and believe that search engines are better overall than travel agents. Not surprisingly the biggest in the business dominate the search results on the web. Prices are very similar across the different the flight search engines on cheap flights on the sensible routes.

      The sooner you book ahead the cheaper the fare price, though the economy can effect that. Avoid going to an airlines site they may promise promotions but are limited to very few seats in reality. The real big savings are to be found on long layovers or circuitous routes in general. We use the Dohop flight meta-search-engine voted the 2014 winner of the best flight comparison website for our search results. This search engine gives results of all flights available, and you can filter the results as required.