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Everything you ever wanted to know about a Kathoey the third gender

Unless you have led a very sheltered life almost everyone has heard of a lady boy also known as a Kathoey or sometimes refered to as a Katoey. On any visit to south east Asia and particular Pattaya you will see many in real life. Why there should be so many in Asia is a very good question.

Kathoeys are very visible in Pattaya and accepted in Thai culture more than transgender or transsexual people in Western countries. Many popular Thai models, singers and movie stars are kathoey's. This phenomenon is not just in the urban areas as there are kathoeys in most villages throughout Thailand.

Lady boys or kathoeys go to a lot of trouble spending a considerable amount of time and a great deal of money to look as female as possible. Most seem financially secure, well educated, and willing to spend on expensive items to look their best. Clothes are expensive and are provocative in design. Shoes are always of the very high heel type, makeup and hair always as if they are about to walk onto a movie set. Some also go to the extreme of under-going all means of surgery to fulfil their dream to transform as much as possible to the female form.

Such is the attention to detail some transformations can be very convincing especially after a few drinks. Expat's and Locals that can recognize a katoey often wonder when they see a newbie westerner walking hand in hand with a katoey in Pattaya really knows he is with a ladyboy.

Sometimes it can be difficult in a darkened bar and after a few drinks to spot some Thai lady boys for what they really are. Some can look very good as a woman. In most cases looking so good that they can outshine their female counter parts, in dress sence personal grooming..

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So how do you know the beautiful person you notice in a bar is in fact a woman

Most people have heard of the common give away such as, a deep voice, having an adams apple and big hands and feet all of which is true. But there are other signs that are a give away and to look out for. Of course everyone knows the difference between a man and woman in the sexual department when naked. It can be a little more difficult if the person you are looking at, is dressed and made up as a beautiful woman in front of you.

1 ... Generally kathoey's dress in a provocative way and are overly sexy and pushy. Walking in a sexy manner with highly exaggerated girlish movements, Hair grooming will always be perfect along with immaculate make up.

2 ... The body shape is the key to spotting a katoey, forget looking for breasts both lady boy's and women everywhere can buy these. Forget looking for an Adams apple its a cheap operation the remove or reduce in size. A genuine woman's shape is such that the measurement across the shoulders will be identical to her hip measurement whatever size she is. A man on the other hand has a " V "shape body frame the shoulders being wider than the hips.

3 ... The bone structure of the elbow joint is different in men and women. If you don't believe this and your a man hold your arm out straight to your side palm face up. You will notice the arm horizontal and straight. If you are however a woman and do this and you will notice from the elbow the arm will slant downwards.

4 ... Men whatever nationality are generally taller than women, as all katoeys love to wear very high heels they are considerably taller than their female counterparts.

5 ... The face is round with a lager head than a "genuine" female, not necessary but katoeys tend to be in groups.

The above of course is not an exhaustive list but can be used as a general rule of thumb, if your new found friend has any or all of the above characteristics then you are in the company of a kathoey.