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Koh Lan (Lan Coral Island off the coast of Pattaya)

Koh Lan or Koh Larn as it is alternatively known, both versions being correct is the largest island to be found off the coast line of Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand, being about 8 km away and 4 km in length and 2 km in width. The island is hilly, covered in a low tropical forest. The island is a perfect day out and beautiful beaches, clean and clear waters await you. Vendors will rent you sun beds for as little as 50 baht a day, At its highest point it reaches some 205 m and there is a Buddhist shrine at the top. The island has two small villages on it Ban Ko Lan and Ban Krok Makhan where there are lodgings and restaurants to be found.

Koh Lan off the coast of Pattaya

There are approximately a thousand residents who live in the two villages of Ban Ko Lan and Ban Krok Makhan and most of the adults work on the island. The residents have all the everyday necessities which includes a small police force and a modest medical facility. This small island has it's own school which the local children attend. Koh Lan coral island is abundant in marine life. Koh Lan island has six main beaches and a few smaller ones all with white sand and crystal clear water. The island attracts many thousands of tourists everyday, all the beach areas have facilities such as toilets and showers available.

There is an inexpensive ferry connecting Ko Lan island to the mainland and the ferry ride takes about 40 minutes, costing just 30 baht each way. The ferry Leaves South Pattaya Bali Hai pier at the end of Walking Street, daily from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm the return ferry leaves Koh Lan Na Ban Beach at 06.30 am to 6:00 pm. You can arrange your own private speed boat for 1,500 to 2000 baht along with your own personal skipper and the journey will only take about 15 minutes.

Some local tour operators in nearby Pattaya organize picnic and snorkelling excursions to Ko Lan because there is a relaxed atmosphere and six unspoilt beaches. A popular beach is Ta Waen and to be found at the north end of the island, followed by Sangwan which is smaller only about 150 m long. Thien is longer about 500 m and has jet ski and a banana boat for fun and pleasure. Naul is south of the island and has coconut trees and the area is full of coral reefs to explore. The island is a perfect day out and beautiful beaches, clean and clear waters await you. Vendors will rent you sun beds for as little as 50 baht a day, and refreshments and food are available all day next to the beach, serving mainly fish dishes. Because you are a captive audience the prices will be higher than on mainland Pattaya. If you are on a budget our tip is take your own food and drinks with you.

There are lots of activities available, including scuba diving, para sailing and banana boat rides. The views are spectacular from the mountainous centre. Should you wish to expolre the island you can of course walk, hire a bicycle or even a motorbike for the day. If you already have hired a bike in Pattaya, you can take it with you on the ferry for an additional charge of 200 baht each way. Should you wish to take this option, confirm with the motorbike rental before hand. A place to visit is Khao Nom a high point to see Pattaya City in the distance across the clear blue water. There is even some accommodation to be found on the island, but tends to be rather on the expensive side compared with Pattaya, should you want to stay a night. If not you should take care not miss the last ferry for your return.