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Mobile Phones in Pattaya

Making a call anywhere in Pattaya is easy the network and signal coverage is excellent, with very few blind spots. Your own home contract phone will of course switch automatically to an affiliate network on entering Thailand. however, if you plan to make or receive a lot of calls the roaming charges will be very high. You can avoid this by switching to a lot the cheaper Thai dedicated network. It's easy to purchase a Thai sim from a local 7/11 shop or one of the numerous mobile phone shops offering prepaid sim cards. The prices for these sim cards is dependent on the preloaded time and if internet use is required.

You will just need to make sure your phone is compatible, and be aware of is whether your mobile phone is locked or not. The problem with most contract phones is they are locked to your home network supplier. You have several options if your personal mobile is locked, either have your phone unlocked prior to coming to Thailand or have it unlocked in Pattaya. There are many mobile repair shops where this can be done at a small cost. You could even consider the purchase of a new mobile or perhaps a second hand one to use on your trip purchased for as little as 1000 baht upwards.

Contract phones unlike the UK are not favoured in Thailand and almost everyone use's one of the many pay as you go networks that are freely available. Of the numerous networks available, the most popular is 1, 2 call preloaded with time and can be purchased over the counter at local stores and outlets within Pattaya. You can also purchase as soon as you arrive at Bangkok's international airport.

Most outlets if not busy will offer you a selection of sims and let you choose a number of your own preference from a few different networks. If you ask nicely staff will often assist in helping you in the set up process which takes about 10 minutes. Assuming you have an unlocked mobile the process is simple. Having purchased your sim card from an outlet, carefully remove your existing sim, remembering to keep safe for its use later, and replace with your newly purchased sim. These sim card costs about 50 baht for which ever network you choose but comes with no credit preloaded. Remember to purchase additional credit or top up at the same time. Top up's from the networks typically come in 50 or 100 baht denominations either in the form of a printed out voucher from a store till or a scratch type card.

Switch on your phone and allow 10 minutes for the network to locate your mobile. A message in Thai will appear. This is just a welcoming message from the particular network letting you know that the network has located you and you have been registered. It is suggested at this point to wait perhaps another 5 minutes before proceeding to make a call.

1, 2 call automatically give you an emergency top up of 20 baht should you run out of credit mid way through a call. This emergency credt being recuperated on your next top up.

Things to Remember while Calling International Numbers from Pattaya

First check out whether you are calling a mobile or a land line number. International mobile phone calling charges are higher than land line charges. Also check with your telephone service provider to make sure you have international calls enabled on your mobile.

Make sure you dial the International access number or IDD (international direct dial) code to secure an international line from your telephone carrier. Don't forget to clear the number '0' which appears before the local area code while dialing international numbers. Keep in mind the time at the recipient's country in order to make sure you are not disturbing everyone during untimely hours.