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Urban myths surrounding Pattaya bar girls

During the last 50 years since the birth of the sleepy village of Pattaya, that now is the adult playground of South East Asia. Some common myths have grown up concerning Pattaya bar girls, most are believed and accepted by male tourists who visit this seaside resort. The most common myth is that Pattaya bar girls are just waiting for a decent guy to walk into their lives, take them out of the bar life and marry them. Perhaps even planning to take them back to their own country and live happily ever after. This may well have been the case some 40 years ago when many bar girls often married American service men stationed at Sattahip. Many did relocate to the States and some had very successful marriages. Think "officer and a gentleman" to put yourself into the mindset.

Now Pattaya has a new generation of young women whose attitude and exceptions are entirely different from their mother's generation. Money is number one and very important to younger Thai woman. Of course listening to a bar girl talking it would seem that she works in a bar because she has no other work choice. The impression often given is she sends all her hard-earned cash home to support her family.In reality, this is partially true, although they all happen to have the latest and most expensive mobiles, many drive new motorcycles and wear the latest fashion. Also, having gifts of gold lavished on them from past encounters. Pattaya is a party town, all the bar girls love their country without exception and more than happy with their lives, friends and family and not wishing to go anywhere.

Pattaya bar girls love their culture and really have no need to find a prince charming on a white horse to rescue them. Remember at all times girls in the bars will often tell you exactly what you want to hear. You might well feel flattered, but don't take everything said literally, you are seen only as a paying customer and it is all part of the business of keeping the customer happy.

Pattaya bar girls are submissive

Pattaya girls are not submissive at all, as anyone who has been on the wrong side of an argument with one will tell you. For sure they are more loving, tactile and gentle as a rule than most other nationalities of women. Their culture and upbringing is such that they like to take care of their men. Bar girls have come to learn that most single men visiting the bars are just lonely old men desperate for a little love and attention. They use their female charms, personality and undoubted sex appeal to get exactly what they want. Which is handfuls of cash for themselves and some towards helping their parents out who often look after children from a failed relationship!

Pattaya bar girls like older men

These are almost always the opening words of a bar girl in Pattaya, they like older men , but is the biggest distortion ever ... It's true short fat balding men that often look like something out of a horror movie, standing little or no chance with a woman in his own country, can become a love god within a few minutes of walking along the bars. When it comes to money Thai women like all kinds of men no matter whatever they look like. They prefer older men as they are less trouble than their younger counterparts in all departments and will have more money to spend on them. For some reason, a lot of men believe the notion that Thai bar girls are with them because they actually want to be with them. The reality is that the bar girl is simply with them for money. It stands to reason a pretty young Thai girl would rather be seen with a sexy toned young foreigner, than with a sweaty old man who might need extra help in the sex department.

Pattaya bar girls are not really selling their bodies

It is sometimes difficult for some to except that the beautiful attentive lady in front of you, who looks adoringly into your eyes, is tactile fun-loving, smiles and laughs at your jokes, seems to understand you and is a million miles away from a woman in your own country, is in fact, a lady of the night. Walking away hand in hand from the bar looking admiringly into each other's eyes, it would seem that within a short period of time you have found the perfect girlfriend. In fact, you have, much like renting a girlfriend for a period of time. But in reality, money will always exchange hands. Some men like to think it is just a gesture and helping the bar girl out. The dictionary definition of a prostitute is someone who exchanges sexual favours for cash. Whoever created the illusion that women working in bars that provide sexual favours for money are not prostitutes is in complete self-denial.

Pattaya bar girls don't like Thai men

Pattaya Bar girls will tell you that they don't like Thai men for many different reasons. However, most bar girls have Thai boyfriends in the background. This is not so surprising simply because a bar girl can relate a lot better to a Thai man than with a male tourist from the west. So why then does a Thai bar girl choose to work in a go-go bar, beer bar or adult establishment if she has a Thai boyfriend? Well ! it all comes down to the route of all evil money which they share with their Thai boyfriends obtained from their temporary foreigner boyfriend.

Pattaya bar girls don't like working in bars

Actually, they do, many have friends and cousins that often work at the same bar. Many like to drink, dance and let their hair down and have some fun meet foreigners and party. Many could have work in hotels or shops but too many that would be boring and the chance to make bigger money is too tempting. A day job would be too restricting and routine for most. Thai bar girls love foreigners! One thing is sure, Pattaya bar girls love any foreigner who spends money on them. If you are lucky and the bar girl likes to be in your company guaranteed she will always be on the look out for a new foreigner who will provide her with even more cash when her current man has departed to the airport on his way home. It is surprising how many of the girls have formal qualifications and just having fun making extra money to fund car driving lessons or just to save some quick cash. Any lacking in formal education and make up for it by being doubly smart than your average male tourist. After all it is their job, all are very street wise knowing all the tricks of the business of working bars. They use their sex appeal to full advantage to extract as much money from several male tourists while remaining the sweet, beautiful, loyal, submissive uneducated female every male tourist believe they are.