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Pattaya car hire

Car hire as you would expect is easy to arrange with many companies to choose from, Budget car being one of the most well-known and can be found at Thip Plaza. Avis being another international company and situated within the Dusit Resort North Pattaya. Requirements would be the production of a passport and a valid international driving permit. Although the international driving permit issued in the United Kingdom is accepted by the Thai authorities, of all the translations available within the document unfortunately for some reason Thai is not one of them. It is advised that you obtain a simple translation of this document if you intend to drive within Thailand, there are many translation companies that can do this for you at a small fee. Most local police will never have seen such a permit, that is why a translation is a good idea.

The leading car hire companies will offer adequate insurance, but for peace of mind clarify yourself what is being covered. It is also a good idea to familiarize what to do in the event of an accident or breakdown and numbers to ring. Whilst driving carry a charged up mobile with you at all times in the event of such an emergency. An important note to keep in mind, whilst driving anywhere in Thailand is that the event of an accident, it is almost certain you will be deemed the party at fault. In any dispute remain calm, and don't become involved in an argument, or raise your voice this will be interrupted as a sign of aggression. If the situation dictates call and await the arrival of police.

After a long haul flight, it is not really advisable to get straight behind a wheel in Bangkok, as fatigue might well reduce your ability to adjust to the driving conditions you will experience. The first thing you will notice is the general appalling standard of driving, the increase in driving speeds, and the number of motorbikes. Thais are impatient drivers always looking to go from one point to the other by the shortest route and at the fastest speed possible.

Driving is on the left hand side of the road as in the UK, well this is the general idea anyway although you would not believe this to be the case once you start to drive around. It is quite normal for motorcyclists to drive the wrong way, and at first it is most disconcerting. The procedure is to allow adequate clearance allowing the cyclist through on your near side. Whilst driving you must always be vigilant of cyclists over taking you on the near side ,and be aware to double-check mirrors on a left turn. As well as driving too fast for the driving conditions Thai motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic and taking unnecessary risks.

At junctions controlled by overhead traffic lights motorcyclists will do whatever it takes to be at the front of the queue, where possible allow motorcyclists to drive away first or you will have motorbikes front, rear and both sides making it difficult. Be extremely careful at all junctions the jumping of traffic lights is commonplace and it is very easy to be involved in an accident. Be aware of the unexpected even in busy urban areas turning a corner or going over the brow of a bridge to see a single or herd of buffalo to be in the middle of the road is an everyday occurrence Loose dogs roaming the streets is another hazard as often they chase after motorcyclists causing them to swerve into your path.

Road surface conditions go from one extreme to the other ranging from roads filled with potholes, often repaired to very poor standards leaving the road a patchwork of uneven surface to new road surfaces this being the case on motor ways where speeds can only be described as manic. Motorways are subject to a toll of about 30 baht in and around Bangkok the preferred way of getting around. On motor ways motorcyclists are not allowed but be vigilant as sometimes motorcyclists outside Bangkok between city connections use the hard shoulder to get around. Driving at night is practically a daunting being a 24 hour society with people on the move.

Finding a pedestrian stepping out into the road from nowhere is a very unpleasant. The consequences of injuring or god forbid killing a pedestrian Thailand is too horrendous to even contemplate. Any negligence or drink involved on your part would result in a lengthy jail term. Although drink driving is illegal many Thais drink at night and drive, also seeing vehicles driving without lights at night and in the rain is particularly hazardous.

Petrol prices are very reasonable and garages are plentiful, although always keep the tank filled up whenever going further afield and a route you are unsure of, road signs are in both Thai and English on motor ways and expressways and you should have the general idea where you are. Carry a map to be on the safe side and be wary of asking directions from strangers.

If you have any notion about leisurely visiting the attractions in Bangkok by car you will be disappointed and best avoided, better to sit back relax and use a taxi only using the hire car for longer journeys visiting attractions and places outside Bangkok itself.

The legal age to drive a car in Pattaya is 18 although to hire a car you will need to be 25 and hold a valid licence or an international driving permit. Documents that will be required will be a valid passport, a driving licence, payments can be either cash or credit card. Make sure the vehicle comes with fully comprehensive rental vehicle insurance and if possible "Bail Bond". It is important to check that you are happy with the level of cover and everything meets your requirements. Many car hire companies will deliver your car direct to your hotel if pre-booked and is generally at no extra charge. Although there is availability of most fuels, most hire vehicles will use unleaded. Which is available for about 30 baht a litre. Fuel stations are plentiful throughout Pattaya and most of the larger ones accept major international credit cards.

Costs vary and there is often confusion as what is regarded as a norm, but for a regular sized saloon expect to pay 1000 baht a day. Some of the larger companies such as Budget or Avis usually have deals and worth checking out. VIP car rentals is one company that have an excellent fleet of cars at competitive prices and guarantee to be the cheapest. Also, if you're looking to hire a car to Pattaya from Don Mueang Airport then Don Mueang Airport car rentals is another good choice.

Road Rules Thailand

Driving in Thailand is loosely based on the British highway code, and drive on the left hand side of the road, but only some what. In Thailand road rules are not obeyed as they are elsewhere. They want to decide whether a particular law applies to a specific case... in that place, at that time. This means it must be kept in mind that driving anywhere in Thailand and particularly Pattaya can be dangerous. Driving should be done in a defensive manner as standards of driving by most Thai's is quite simply appalling. The maximum permitted speed limit in Pattaya is 60km/h (35 mph) and between 90 and 120 km/h (52-60 mph) on expressways and country roads.

Rarely are these limits adhered to although the police regularly carry out speed checks. Wearing of seatbelts is a mandatory simple misdemeanours are normally dealt with by an on the spot fine. Drink driving is a serious worry in Pattaya and other areas, responsible drivers are aware not to drive under the influence of drink. Unfortunately you will often see obviously intoxicated drivers whilst in Pattaya being a danger to everyone. Remember all insurance becomes invalid if a driver exceeds the legal limit