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Pattaya Bars

All the open air bars in Pattaya basically follow the same format, having a central reservation with a tiled counter or bar. The bar has stools around it for customers to sit on. These bars are run by a "mamasan" someone who is trusted by the bar owner. Employed to control the numerous girls working there, handle money and act as a cashier. Owners of bars paying the most will obviously attract the prettiest and most sexy girls. The prettiest girls normally will work outside and entice customers inside using all means at their disposal, others will dance within the bars as pole dancers to entertain customers.

beer bottles

A few bars are fully enclosed with large glass fronted windows offering air-conditioning. However these bars are not so popular, reasons such as air-con being too cold, no smoking rules and drinks being more expensive. Also beware if one of the hostess asks for a drink. a typical lady drink might well be double the normal price. At all bars in Pattaya always to check the price of drinks before buying for the girls. This might well save you any unpleasant shock later when it comes to settling your bill. The girls receive a small commission on drinks bought for them by customers from the bar owner.

Each bar has it's name outside with names such as "lucky bar", "love bar" or such permutations. You will find girls working in these bars are very loyal to their own individual bar. Situated at the end of the bar area is a bell. If your feeling particularly generous ring it, hopefully there will not be too many people in the bar when you do. Traditionally ringing the bell signifies you are willing to buy everyone in the bar a round of drinks. Beware as this is a signal for everyone in sight that free drinks are on offer. Every where is good natured and it is rare for flights or serious trouble although considerable amounts of drink are consumed. There are hundreds of small bars throughout Pattaya and you are never far away from somewhere to drink.

At some point you are guaranteed to visit Walking Street at least once on any vacation to Pattaya. It's regarded as the hub of Pattaya nightlife, the nightlife here is all singing and dancing. Expect lots of " wine, women and song " well that's not quite true, not wine ! but certainly ice cold beer. To seriously party in Walking Street can set you back financially, but if you stick to local or draft beers the experience will be a less hard on the pocket. Its not all just bars, go-go or discos however, you will find some great places to eat as well. At all times keep your wits about you, expect to over charged on drinks especially if you are in the company of a pretty hostess. This is the very nature of Walking Street, a simple rule of thumb is the more you spend the more fun you will have. If you sit in the corner with a bottle of coke to save money, its certain you will be there all night on your own !

Prostition is illegal in Thailand, but is just about accepted in Pattaya by the authorities providing underage sex is not involved, which of course has zero tolerance. To impose the law with a strict clampdown would almost certainly close Pattaya's redlight district of Walking Street (attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists anually) and every adult entertainment venue overnight. The very reason that Pattaya has mushroomed into the city it now is in fact due to loose women and men willing to spend money on them. The long-term knock on effect would be disastrous for the economy of Pattaya and the authorities are fully aware of this. As Los Vagus would not be the city it has become without gambling such is Pattaya to available women.

The well intentioned have done a lot to clean up Pattaya's image, the area has been diluted over the years and has become a tourist trap catering more to money rich short term, as such prices have increased. It's worth trying one of the numerous smaller bars off Walking Street. Often better value and more fun, you will see touts plying for custom in the main Street itself.

The authorities have tried hard over the years to transform Pattaya to appear a more family friendly city and have succeeded to a point.

Occasionally by orders from above token raids by the police occur from time to time in go go bars, and along Beach Road. Offenders are rounded up detained perhaps for a few hours, fined a token amount and released to return to business as normal.

Don't be tempted to take photographs with your mobile in any of the go-go bars you might well visit. Doing so is strictly off limits and will get you into serious trouble with the girls, the bar owner and even the local police. Another area to visit is The Central Plaza here there is a complex of open air bars and many visitors like to chill out at these bars. This area as the name suggests in situated in the central area of Pattaya, across 2nd Road is Soi 8 . 7 and 6 ( names given to small roads ).

The adult entertainment district of Pattaya is Soi 8 being situated between Beach Road and 2nd road you cannot fail to come across it on your travels. The soi is full off bars on either side and every night is party night with bars full of lady hostess, all offering congenial company. It is impossible to walk its length before being accosted by over enthusiastic ladies who good heartily physically attempt to drag you into their particular bar

You will remember visiting these soi's for the rest of your life and is an unforgettable experience in bar hopping.

Some are go go bars but drinks will be expensive and offer poor value with the exception of the entertainment value. As was mentioned before fun and entertainment has a premium value. Until you become accustomed and if it is your first time to Pattaya might well be advisable hold back on visiting Soi 6, no more to be said on this ... you will hear about Soi 6 soon enough. Another favored area of the city is Soi Baukhao laid back and with an assortment of bars within a complex well known to regular visitors.In fact in Pattaya you are never far from bars and entertainment

Go-go bars

Go-go bars are bars where girls in skimpy clothes walk around, dance and swing seductively while doing the pole dance. The entry to these bars is free and open to all. Loud music, drink, semi-nude girls are some of the traits of a go-go bar.There are hundreds of go-go bars in Pattaya. A drink in go-go bars are more expensive than a general bar. A beer or a shot will usually be around 120 baht. Super Baby, Happy-A-Go-Go, Angel Witch, Carousel, The Dollhouse, Electric Blue, Classroom-A-Go-Go, Lipstick-A-Go and Tahitian Queen are the most popular and well known.

There are hundreds of beers bars scattered all around Pattaya city but a large number are found in Walking Street. Loud music and numerous pretty hostesses lure you into these bars and serve you drinks. One can start chilling out at these bars midday onwards. They offer you a vast variety of Thai as well as other well known beers, whiskey's cocktails and other drinks. A beer here can cost you around 50 baht. It can be said that beer bars in Pattaya are legendary.Disco's are a very easy to find in Pattaya. Loud music, live bands, multi-coloured lights, sweaty fun are all a part of the nightlife of Pattaya. Hip-hop and Thai hits dominate the dance floor. Candy shop, Hollywood disco, Lucifer disco, Marine disco, Differ, Tony's entertainment complex, X-Zyte are a few of the well known nightclubs and disco's of the city.

It is the centre and hub of Pattaya's nightlife and is a totally pedestrian zone from early evening till next morning. Vehicles are banned in this area evening onwards. The neon lit street has the a high concentration of go-go bars, beer bars, massage parlors, resturants, disco's and pubs in the city. Just a walk down this street is enough to introduce the nightlife of Pattaya city.