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Seeing is believing the Pattaya Experience

Pattaya is one of Thailands largest beach resorts, and the second most visited city after Bangkok. Often portrayed by the media as a seedy city and den of iniquity attracting the less desirable members of society. Pattaya (or mueang Pattaya as the city is known to locals) originally was just a small fishing village, but this all changed during the Vietnam war, when it was used by American Military as a recreational area. It's obvious that where thousands of soldiers congregated looking for a good time and money to burn it would attract women. This was how Pattaya was born as we know it today, when the soldiers were long gone it continued its popularity mainly with single men. These men who in their own countries that would hardly be given a second glance, can become desirable again with beautiful attentive Thai ladies. The Thai administration have worked hard in recent years to attract family groups and couples to the resort, succeeding in this endeavour. In recent years more tourists are coming from Russia, India and China, who now dominate the resort in the greatest numbers.

From its humble beginnings this small fishing village has provided countless jobs, prosperity and growth. It comes as no surprise that the majority of the Thai population are not in fact locals. Most have travelled from the North Eastern or other parts of Thailand to live and work. Pattaya has a good selection of restaurants, several modern shopping malls, comfortable hotels, modern hospitals and places of interest to visit. Of course the bars are still in abundance and still have pretty ladies to entertain the single male visitors at the bars. It has become a common sight to see old men parading their trophy rented girlfriends around the town.

Pattaya city now has more to offer than just bars as you would expect from one of the top ranked tourist destinations, there are a wide range of daytime and night time activities for everyone to discover. For those that have never been to Pattaya, or for that matter Thailand then you are in for the experience of a lifetime. Drop any negative pre conceived ideas you might have heard from the misinformed. Along with the culture of Thailand and the atmosphere, Pattaya offers more fun per square metre than any other known place on the planet.

Quite simply Pattaya has it all, fun, sea, sunshine, water sports, music venues, dancing, culture, tours, places of interest and of course bars packed with like minded people looking to party. Without doubt you will be spoilt for choice forget watching much television unless it's the footy on multi-screen TV in the bars on match days. If you come with your partner who might well hate football, they can shop till they drop at the second largest shopping mall in Asia situated on Second Road.

Part of the attraction of Pattaya these days it now has something for almost everyone, the single male traveller, couples, young, old and family groups. Everyone who comes to Pattaya has the same aim to have a fun packed unforgettable holiday, you won't be disappointed. Throughout this site we aim to provide a general guide of what Pattaya is all about to prepare you for the most memorable holiday you will ever experience. We guarantee if its your first trip to Pattaya once you experience what the resort has to offer it will not be your last.

By taking time out on this site you might well find some of the best travel deals available anywhere on the net. This website is maintained and developed with all aspects of Pattaya in mind. We endeavour to find the best of Pattaya and welcome all your comments, on how we might improve and look forward to hearing from you.

Read articles by our Bangkok Missy a real Thai lady, to gain the insider knowledge, ignore what you might have read in magazines or in the glossy travel brochures as this will not prepare you for what Pattaya has to offer. Simply seeing for yourself is believing the Pattaya experience.

Getting around Pattaya

Getting around Pattaya is very easy, by foot, taxi bike or the preferred method to use is a baht-bus or songthaew. This is nothing more than a converted Toyota pickup truck painted in a dark blue colour with two bench seats in the rear. These baht buses cruise around the Pattaya circuit, but will be prepared to take you anywhere at a higher cost, for example from the bus station or your hotel with your luggage. Just take care for you and the songthaew driver to both agree the fare to avoid a nasty surprise upon your arrival.

Fares start at just 10 baht per person on a normal journey. After a short time you will get the idea how to flag down an oncoming baht bus, jumping on at the back and paying the fare after you alight (press the buzzer located in the roof to stop the baht bus). Remember to pay the driver through the window on the near side of the road, or risk being knocked down.

The four main areas making up Pattaya is North Pattaya, which is called Naklua going north at the dolphin round-a-bout at the junction of Beach and Second road. This area is popular with Russian and German nationals and there are many bar complexes. Anything south of Pattaya Road is referred to as South Pattaya, by continuing along Beach Road which is one way system, just follow the direction of traffic which will lead you into Walking Street. This is probably the most well known street in Pattaya and known to everyone within Thailand. Central Pattaya is home to the majority of the bars, gogo establishments and hotels. As you would expect being in the centre of things most of the entertainment and local facilities are located here. By following to the south end of Pattaya will lead you on your way to Jomtien. The area of Jomtien is very quite compared to that of Pattaya, there are of course a few bars and is popular if you like things a little less in your face. The beach is very good stretching 6 kilometres with plenty of water sports and sunbathing. Part of the beach is designated as a gay area.

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Water activities in Pattaya

Why not try diving if you have never tried before Pattaya is great for beginners, diving operators offer intoductory courses for new divers centred at Lo Lan, Ko Sak and Ko Khrok. Water skiing can be found at the northen and southern parts of Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach offers windsurfing. The beach at Jomtien is regarded as the better beach and the water is clear with a coastline of 6 kilometres.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai,is a form a of martial art, being a cross between kicking and boxing.It has been involved in the Thai culture for thousands of years. Everyone in Thailand and of course the young men of Pattaya are great followers of Muay Thai. Whenever a bout is held, people congregate to enjoy it. Some bouts are held at the beginning of Walking Street. Muay Thai bouts last for five three-minute rounds with two-minute breaks in between. The fighters, wear a headband and armbands, and perform wai khru dance before the dual. The dance serves as a warm-up exercise before the comencement of the fight.

Festival Centre

If you like shopping for different and unique souvenirs then you cannot find anywhere better. You will find many international names, in the recently completed Festival Centre shopping mall which is the biggest beachfront mall in Asia. Situated between Beach Road and Second Road next to soi 9, but what makes Pattaya unique is the abundance of smaller business offering a huge choice of goods including copies of branded goods, be careful you know what you are buying. Here you will also find a quite recent addition to Pattaya a taxi rank

Pattaya Weather

The Weather in Pattaya most of the year is tropical and humid. During the months of November to February the weather is mainly dry with sunshine and the odd shower. Temperatures range from 20-30 C and this is the most favoured season amongst tourists. At this time hotel rates in Pattaya are at their highest and the area most crowded. Temperatures rise to 30-40 C between March to April and it becomes very hot and dry with maybe a few thunder storms. April is the hottest month when temperatures rise to almost unbearable levels.

Between May and October Pattaya is sunny but has torrential downpours.

The Time Difference

Pattaya is GMT +6 hours or +7 when the United Kingdom clocks go back. You may suffer slight jet lag while you adjust to the time difference, but will soon pass on your first night out. It will be hard to rest and stay in your hotel room, as you hear the sound of music enticing you to explore. A direct flight time averages twelve hours from the UK to Bangkok. Indirect flights have stop overs of approx two hours are are made up of two seven hour flights.