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Guide to eating out in Pattaya

One of the first things you will notice in Pattaya is the abundance of eateries that can be found. Thai's sure enjoy eating and frequently, and who can blame them as Thai food is something of an experience being one of the finest cuisines to be found anywhere. Thailand is legendary for its spicy dishes, although you can ask " Mai Petand " meaning ‘not spicy’. You really will be spoilt for choice in the selection of food available in Pattaya, catering for all pockets and tastes, the chances are you will never be too far away from a delicious meal. Along with traditional Thai food, most establishments in Pattaya cater for the western pallet and offer a large selection of dishes including English favorites or continental breakfasts.

Costs are quite reasonable especially in the smaller establishments. The larger seafood restaurants are to be found in Walking Street, they are more expensive but of course, you only get what you pay for. The food found there is simply delicious, and worth the experience, be aware some resaurants may add a service charge of 10 per cent plus 7 percent tax as well.

As would be expected Goy-tee-ow stalls or noodle soup shops are everywhere in Pattaya. Tables are just sheet metal with a jug of water on top which is safe, however if in any doubt ask for bottled water. Seating is nothing more than an assortment of plastic stools around. Goy-tee-ow eating places are very cheap and somewhat basic but the food tastes great. The menue will be in Thai of course, but to help the language impaired most have pictures of the dishes available along side. Just point and something will turn up eventually, you will note after awhile that dishes arrive in no particular order, so being patient is something to bear in mind in this type of establishment. Best advice is to eat as everything turns up rather than wait or everything will end up being cold.

Snacks are available from street vendors normally of the BQ type sold from mobile food carts, these can be found on most street corners. You can purchase chicken, beef, pork grilled on bamboo skewers for about 20 baht and not breaking the bank. Another popular treat is sliced watermelon or sliced pineapple, if your really adventurous you can even try sugarered insects. There is no need to worry about the qauility of the food. A point to remember see it cooked in front of you and it is served hot which it normally is.

Pattaya serves all nationalities, all traditional food from most countries is available. Of course the well known fast food chains are everywhere in Pattaya and most operate some sort of home delivery service. Because of the diversity of restaurants and cuisine it would be almost impossible to list all of the restaurants available. Better to explore and try out a few for yourself, it will not be long before you have your own favourite place to eat.

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