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Seeing is believing the Pattaya nightlife experience

Pattaya nightlife is legendary throughout the world, and of course no vacation to Pattaya City would be complete without a night spent walking the length of Walking Street. It is really the centre and hub of Pattaya's nightlife being a totally pedestrian free zone from early evening until the next morning. This neon lit street has a high concentration of go-go, beer bars, massage parlours, restaurants and disco's. Just a quick walk down this street is enough to introduce you to the nightlife of Pattaya City. In times past this street has had tens of thousands walk its length, once this mainly bars. Times have changed and now you will also see many restaurants to suit everyone's taste. Off the main street are many small side streets or known as soi's where you will find even more.

Pattaya nightclubs

Pattaya being the party city of Asia, it has its fair share of nightclubs suiting most tastes in music. Generally drinks are expensive for tourists, locals pay slightly less, unlike bars drinks are paid for when ordering at the bar. You will see the clubs waitress and drinks will be delivered to you, a tip is normally expected. Be aware the clubs can be poorly lit, so double-check exchanges of money carefully. Here, we have listed the most popular, but in no particular order. Most night clubs are free to enter, there are the odd occasions where some clubs charge for admission, sometimes targeting minority groups. If you should be asked for an admission charge, our advice is don't bother there are loads that are free.

1000 bars

Pattaya has around 1,000 bars lot these bars are found along Walking Street and which are mainly large bar complexes that have as many as 20 or more within, expect the bar girls to do they're very best to entice you to their particular bar. Many bars are of the go-go type with dancing of the erotic type. Outside the go-go bars will be an array of girls holding signs advertising the advantages of visiting their particular establishment. There are three main discos Lucifes, MIXX and Tonys all are free to enter, prices for beers are generally quite expensive and drinks for ladies extortionate. Something to be aware of is to keep an eye on your bin, it is customary to charge when you leave a bar and your drinks bills are placed in your particular bin a small wooden cup. If you become a little worse for wear at the end of the evening it is very easy to have loaded your bin with drinks you have not ordered.

Surviving the Pattaya experience

Pattaya being the fun city it's not surprising that Thai women throughout Thailand converge on Pattaya. Mainly from Buri Ram northern Thailand with the sole purpose of making easy money to support themselves and their their families. Beautiful women eager to make money is an explosive combination when meeting a western man.

Meeting a lady in a bar will soon change from a brief encounter to a full-time girlfriend in a surprisingly short period of time. Any single male will soon find themselves in the company of a beautiful Thai girl, ego boosted with the chants of "hello handsome man". This being the first English words that are learnt. Of course the ladies are sweet and soon the average male visitor soon believes that the women in their own countries cannot see them as the handsome desirable man they are.

Walking Street is the most notorious and vibrant part of the city of Pattaya it is well knownto many tourists visiting Thailand as well as the Thai people from many parts of the country. Walking Street runs from Beach Road to Bahi Hai Pier. There are two entrance arches at either end of the street, remaining open from 6:00 pm until 2 am. The Street is traffic-free at night.

There are go-go, bars, beer bars, disco's, sports bars and night clubs. As of 2009 there were over 50 air conditioned go-go bars in the street itself and adjoining soi's. The Street is also known for the large amount of glowing coloured neon signs which illuminate the street at night. In the earlier part of the evening one can also find live bands and fine dining. The legal, closing time is 2:00 am. Walking Street is most vibrant on Saturday nights.

Although this part of the city is generally regarded as safe, cases of petty pick pocketing is often reported. Travellers should follow the same basic safety rules here as they would in any unfamiliar city. Offering the exact change, for anything from a taxi to buying drinks is always a good idea, thus avoiding misunderstandings. As in other cities, visitors should stay in well-lit areas, and not taking unnecessary risks. Tourist police have tables set up within Walking Street at the entrance. Although some western visitors drink heavily in the bars, this does not usually cause problems.

One can start chilling out at these bars midday onwards. They offer you a vast variety of Thai beers as well as other international brands, whiskey's cocktails and other drinks. A beer here can cost you around 50 baht. It can be said that beer bars in Pattaya are legendary. Discos are a very easy to find in Pattaya. Loud music, live bands, multi-coloured lights, sweaty fun are all a part of the nightlife of Pattaya. Hip-hop and Thai hits dominate the dance floor. Candy shop, Hollywood disco, Lucifer disco, Marine disco, Differ, Tony's entertainment complex, X-Zyte are a few of the well-known nightclubs and discos of the city.


Lucifer is one of the best choices for nightclubs in Pattaya. It's not a large club so it's best to get there early. Good mix of both Thai and westerners and all age groups, the music is a cross of hip hop, top 20 and live music shows. Good DJ's impressive lighting an all round good nightclub.

Walking Street club

Walking Street club is the first club on the left as you enter Walking Street itself easy recognizable by its London underground type sign outside. Good music, but confusing if this is a pub or nightclub, but no one cares. Popular with western women in addition to the general mix of Thais. Non smoking, often difficult to get drinks at the bar, but waitress service is available. Not so popular with expats, and aimed primarily for tourists.

The Blues Factory

The Blues Factory is a favourite for live music, rock and roll and blues, frequented by Thai's tourists, and expats alike. Great to hang out and enjoy.

Candy Shop

Situated in Walking Street the Candy Shop is open front, although a nightclub it is often mistaken for yet another bar. Maybe the open design, is the reason it's not so popular. Drinks are expensive that is not helping matters, but good live music.

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Lucifer is one of the best choices for nightclubs in Pattaya. It's not a large club so it's best to get there early. Good mix of both Thai and westerners and all age groups, the music is a cross of hip hop, top 20 and live music shows. Good DJ's impressive lighting an all round good nightclub.

Club Insomnia

Club Insomnia has coyote dancers outside and allows smoking inside, and your guaranteed to meet many women here. Buying drinks for women here will prove an expensive hobby. A VIP card is available, but only worthwhile if you intend to spend a lot of time there.


Situated at the far end of Walking Street and accessed via a lift this club is most multicultural club in Pattaya. Not very big although it has, "the white room" where no one goes. Good seating near large windows overlooking the harbour at night, good to relax with a drink and hang out with friends. Music is good, drinks very expensive, but not such a bad club.


Differ nightclub is not popular with westerners, but very popular with locals, and Thai's coming from Bangkok on vacation. Lots of live Thai music