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Believe it or not almost 40% of all foreign visitors to Thailand are uninsured or have inadequate cover.

Hospitalization in Thailand without travel insurance could lead to serious money problems including bankruptcy or being forced to sell your home to pay medical bills. Anyone contemplating a trip to Pattaya should have adequate travel insurance as medical bills can often soar completely out of control. We make no recommendations on any particular company and you should satisfy yourself that whoever you choose gives you the cover you need.

It's often something that we don't want to consider, the possibility of a serious accident or sickness whilst abroad. According to UK government figures at least 10 British nationals are hospitalised each single day in Thailand. There are many reasons why individuals take a chance and risk no travel insurance at all. The young believe they are fit and healthy and why bother, older people worry about high additional premiums or perhaps have pre existing medical conditions believingthey may not be able to get cover.

Fortunately there are specialist travel insurance providers who can offer backpacker cover such as If you don't have travel insurance and you run into difficulties in Pattaya, don't expect any financial assistance from your embassy as this will not be forth coming. The likelihood of accidents increases dramatically on vacation, as you will often become involved in activities outside the normal such as paragliding, water sports, elephant riding, maybe even falling off a taxi bike in Pattaya or a host of other things.

So, what would happen to you without adequate travel insurance? Well, in the event of being run over for example it would go without saying no one is going to just let you die at the roadside. Undoubtedly you will be shipped off to the nearest hospital by ambulance or what ever mode of transport might be available. The hospital will admit you and may well carry out any emergency treatment, but it will not be very long before the hospital administrator will be asking questions about how any medical treatment is going to be paid for.

In all cases some sort of up front payment will be required dependent on what medicines or treatment is necessary. This is the point where it might well all become more difficult without medical cover, if you have the means to pay in either cash or credit card this would sort out the immediate problem allowing treatment to continue however, this could end up as a never ending cycle of payments. Once it is discovered you have no travel insurance the pressure will be on to continue to pay by whatever means. It has been known that individuals have been personally bankrupted and a legal charge placed on their properties in their own countries to continue treatment. Your passport may even be confiscated in one's home country obviously not allowing you to travel again until full payment of any outstanding bills are settled.

Pattaya has some of the best health care in Asia and hospitals such as Bangkok Pattaya Hospital and The Pattaya Memorial have excellent reputations if you require an overnight stay or longer. This is where a good insurance policy is very important, minimum requirements should be the cost of medical treatment (including emergency flights home) and personal liability.

Choosing the right travel insurance

To choose the right travel insurance do what everyone does, research and shop around. The largest costs involved in travel insurance claims are related to medical expenses. Most travel insurance policies don't guarantee to pay medical bills and will only be reimbursed once you are back in your country of residence. That being the case hospitals will ask you for a credit card or other means of guarantee before they will admit you for medical treatment.

Standard travel insurance up to age 54 and no medical conditions

It can make more sense to buy an annual policy over single trip insurance to Thailand as it may work out considerably cheaper if you are traveling more than once a year. Check that the policy covers you for any activities that you may engage in during your stay in Thailand such as golf, elephant trekking and white-water rafting. Standard policies normally include some activities which means if you hurt yourself you will not be left to pick up the tab. Medical treatment to tourists in Pattaya can be expensive like all of Thailand. It is important that you have a policy where your specialist travel insurance provider can arrange 24 hour worldwide emergency and medical assistance in a modern hospital and guarantee your bills.

Check carefully what the policy includes and does not include, for instance sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol abuse, or history of stress would not normally be covered, as would riding a motorcycle taxi or any type of dangerous sport. Again as a minimum you would expect overseas medical repatriation, hospital stay, personal accident and death cover.

Something to be aware of is that a lot of annual multi trip policies only cover up to 31 or 45 days in any one trip and have age restrictions. One company offering travel insurance for medical conditions with no age limits is provided by who also offer up to 94 days on a single trip insurance. Always, with any policy you choose, check the total length of day cover meets with your requirements. Travel insurance should be purchased before you leave your place of residence. Competitive rates for standard travel insurance up to age 54 and no medical conditions, can be provided by as they are specialised in the field, and have a collection of covers available.

Buying travel insurance from your bank or travel agent can be expensive as these are often the first point of call when you are looking for travel insurance. As with all documents read the definitions and take time to read the legal small print. Keep in mind your needs maybe different from anyone else's. You might well find something which you do not agree with, which may result in a larger passive cost when you make a claim, and exclusions vary from policy to policy. Always arrange your policy with a recognised travel insurer and spend time shopping around for the best levels of cover.

Be aware that credit card travel insurance policies generally offer poor levels of cover. It is very important to disclose any and all pre existing medical conditions. Be open about this with your insurer or you might find any subsequent claim rejected. Check the policy terms and conditions carefully so you know in advance which claims will be paid and which will be excluded. If you have any specific questions or queries concerning a particular policy, contact the insurance company directly. is a trading name of Ancile Insurance Group Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - No. 471641 is an appointed representative of Ancile Insurance Group Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - No 471641