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Pattaya Spa and Massage

No trip to Pattaya would be complete without trying a traditioanal Thai massage great for the relief of muscular pain and stiffness or foot massage to stimulate the circulation and feel good all day. Pattaya has many oppertunities to try a relaxing spa if you have never tried before.

There are literally thousands of spa and massage establishments throughout Thailand and many of these are to be found in Bangkok, Chaing Mai, and of course Pattaya. Of the millions of tourists visiting Thailand each year, at some point most will try one of the different types of spa and massage available, possibly for the first time.

Spa treatments has steadly increased over the last few years and can be found in nearly all high class hotels within Pattaya. The wellbeing and health benifits are well known and documented.

Massage basically fall into two broad categories and several different types. You will find all kinds of therapeutic and traditional Thai massage and for a better word just plain sleazy ones. Traditional Thai, foot, face and shoulder massage cover the first category. The latest craze of having fish eat, clean and massage your feet could warrant inclusion in the first group.

Oil and all over Body (soapy) massage comprise the second set. For those who have never been to Pattaya before, or never tried any form of massage, let me explain how to differentiate between the services on offer. It's better to have some idea before you go on how these establishments work. This will avoid any mis-understandings, perhaps frustration, or acute embarrassment for yourself or the masseuse.

On entering you will be expected to leave your shoes outside conforming with Thai tradition. Thai's take personal hygiene very seriously and shower frequently. After a hard day walking the streets of Pattaya in the soaring heat, you will be advised to take a quick shower before the massage. As well as showering before you will shower afterwards anyway, with the exception of foot or face massage. Whichever type of massage you might want to try, it will certainly be guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional massage has been well practised in Thailand for centuries. The practitioners have become very accomplished at their art and in many cases years of training is involved. Generally traditional Thai massage is to be found in higher class hotels with pleasant surroundings along with spa treatments. As you would expect costs are generally higher in hotels. Prices do vary but, the average is around 500 Baht per hour. The ladies will be attractive and well dressed. Dressed in a traditional manner to bring a little ambiance to the proceedings for the sole benefit of tourists.

As a general rule of thumb, if the massage parlour appears up market in its look, and the girls dress formally, then this establishment is traditional massage only. There should be no sexual contact and none will be expected or given. Any apparent signs of sexual excitement will be discreetly ignored. This massage is purely therapeutic and is beneficial for back pain and circulation problems. You are usually given a pair of thin silk baggy trousers to wear. Be prepared to be pulled around and have joints manipulated with loud clicking of bones. Don't expect this to be a gentle or sensual massage.

Cheaper establishments offer traditional massage alongside the other types can be found in many of the soi's ( streets). The girls will dress more casually and the massage might not be quite so traditional or professional as those given in hotels. Some stick strictly to the no sex rules whilst others might deviate to encourage you to upgrade to an oil or body massage. Thai massage outside hotels starts from as little as 100 Baht. Traditional massage is enjoyed by both men and women of all age groups. If you become a regular customer private hotel room visits can sometimes be arranged.

Foot Massage

Foot massage is well practised in Pattaya. On entering, you must leave your shoes outside. You will be seated in a comfy chair and given a pouffe to rest your feet on. The masseuse washes and bathes your feet carefully then methodically apply's cream. The session involves foot and leg massage with manipulation of pressure points being very beneficial for circulation problems. It is thought by advocates of reflexology that applying pressure to different areas of the feet has beneficial effects on different parts of the body.Looking at charts and diagrams on the wall will give you the general idea

It is particularly good for the kidneys and other organs. Near the completion of treatment your feet will be bound in hot towels and you will be given time to close your eyes and relax. It is easy to spot foot massage parlours as you can see other clients having treatment through the large shop display windows. Charges are modest and are in the region of 100 to 200 baht per hour.

Face massage

This can be found in Pattaya at the Festival Centre Shopping Mall and other prime locations. Besides face massage which is good for skin tone, other treatments such as deep cleansing of the skin are available, although expensive. All within an ultra modern setting using the best products and equipment. A few minutes of face massage usually forms part of a traditional massage. Gentle stroking of the temples, under the eyes and even the ears can be very relaxing !

Oil massage

Oil massage can be found on most streets in the same offering traditional Thai and foot massage. On entering, after exchanging pleasantries, you will be escorted to a higher floor or more private room and left to shower. After you have freshened up you will be provided with perhaps a dressing gown or towel and shown to a massage couch. You lay face down with the towel across your lower torso. depending on the treatment you want cream or oil massage will commence. It is fair to assume that sexual advances will be made by the masseuse.

Sleazy, Soapy Body Massage

To make the distinction on this type of massage I have called it sleaze. As the name suggests it is a sensual massage during which you get a soapy scrub down at the same time. Although it is under the guise of traditional massage, it is just a front for what happens later. Soapy Body massage is not so easy to find. It is provided in very large, palatial buildings around Pattaya with lavish decorations, and will be slightly expensive.

The ladies sit on stools behind a large glass plated window with a number pinned to their dress. After perhaps enjoying a drink in the usually affluent surroundings you select the number of the lady you like to perform your massage and inform a member of staff. There is no need to elaborate further on what happens here, as there will be no mis-understandings either by you or the masseuse.